I love all the teachers a million and a trillion!” (Quote from our 3.5 years old daughter)

”I just feel overwhelmingly grateful that our daughter gets to go to Titoki. It is truly an amazing place full of amazing people.

Thank you!
— Susan and Eugene Pearson (August 2015)
Let me start by saying how glad I am for choosing to send Isabella to Titoki Tots rather than continuing with another childcare option when she was 2 ½. We’ve never looked back since. Throughout her time at Titoki Tots and Titoki Casa, I learnt a great deal about the ‘how’ of child development, to the ‘what’ of the Prepared Environment and the importance of adults as role models - thanks to the constant education and endless patience from Tracie and her wonderful staff at Titoki.

Montessori ticks all the boxes for our choice of education in its sound principles of child development, valuing individual uniqueness and respecting the child’s right to learn and develop at their own pace. The foundation that Isabella built upon at preschool was evident in her study at primary school, which she started last month in Year 2. The first feedback from her form teacher was that she is ‘independent’, e.g. she carries her own school bag! At home she organises her own reading, writing and her desk etc. I am grateful for the sense of order and organisation that has been instilled during her Montessori years! Academically she is reading and counting as well as, if not better, than her peers; thanks to the phonetic approach and solid mathematical foundation she gained from Montessori. These have definitely helped her gain confidence in her own ability to learn. She mentioned that she is also helping others in her class group, which she had been practicing, particularly during her last 6 months at Titoki. In social situations, she shows that she listens and communicates well with adults and friends; skills she gained through ‘Grace and Courtesy’ lessons from Titoki Casa! Most importantly, it is the ‘light’ that she carries with her from Titoki, which I saw from her first day at preschool! She is enthusiastic, engaged and wants to direct her own work and learning.

I attended a parents’ talk recently about the new Modern Learning Environment (MLE) model which will soon be implemented for our Year 5 and 6 students. It got me really excited when phrases such as “independent, self-directed learning”, “peer tutoring”, “teachers’ supporting role”, “open plan classroom” were quoted as the guiding principles for these classes, with similar plans in progress for the junior years. It made me realize that the Montessori model is creeping slowly but surely into mainstream schools. I am glad Isabella made a head start at Titoki Montessori and remained for the full three years to gain the maximum benefit in her most important developmental years of her life.
— Samantha Tan (March 2015)
Our family’s Montessori journey started well before my children were old enough to start preschool. I remember driving and listening to the radio one day and hearing a woman being asked if she could have one wish, what would it be. Her answer was that every child in New Zealand was able to have a Montessori education. Not knowing anything about Montessori this intrigued me. I did a small amount of research but nothing major until we moved to Torbay and I had the opportunity to visit Titoki. The minute I walked into the school I instantly knew this was the environment I wanted for my children. The feeling and sense of wholesomeness and calmness was inspiring.
We were challenged and questioned by many (who did not know about Montessori) regarding our decision and in particular our decision to keep our children at Titoki until they were six. This obviously went against the ‘norm’ or what most people consider the norm. I can whole-heartedly say that this was the best decision we made. Over the three years we had at Titoki, our children developed beautiful, caring, respectful relationships with their teachers and fellow students. The learning that occurred has set them up so well for their future. They are confident, engaged, caring and excited about learning. We always felt very much a part of the the ‘Titoki family’, being involved on the council and attending the many parent information evenings. Titoki will always be a special place in my children’s memories.
Our daughter Olive, transitioned to state primary at age 6 with no problems. She was confident and happy and there was certainly no concern over her ability to match her peers. She has spent the last year in a state school and has achieved well in all areas but, for us there has been something missing regarding her education. We have now decided to move her back to a Montessori primary where she will attend with her younger brother next year.
We visited the Montessori primary school this week for the first time and the ‘light in her eyes’ returned. The smile on her face to be in familiar surroundings with work that engaged and inspired her was all we needed to make the decision for us.

We are excited to be continuing on with Montessori and I agree fully with the woman I heard on the radio that day, wouldn’t it be amazing if every child could have a Montessori education.
Thank you Titoki for starting us off on this wonderful journey!
— Michelle, Rickie, Ben and Olive Walker
Ruby and Rufus were consistently treated at Titoki with great care to preserve their dignity, were interacted with as “real people” with active and able minds and were encouraged to follow their interests as far as the children wished to take them. They were encouraged in lessons in Grace and Courtesy which made a huge difference at home and affected the children in ways that I could tell Montessori children apart from others at shared children’s parties and playdates... I was initially slightly concerned, as most parents are, about keeping the children at Montessori until six. Now almost at the end of the first term of them going directly into Year Two I can confidently say that from day one of starting they were above “expected” level in all areas of the mainstream system and have continued to learn using Montessori techniques which they hold within themselves and from us as parents continuing to instill those techniques. They are streaking ahead in their class, needing extension work to keep them occupied. They are being invited to new friends parties and have carried on their ability to be independent..

In my opinion, Montessori education is a leading education system that produces compassionate, independent thinking and strong children who are passionate about learning and who are not afraid to think outside the square. There is nothing more that I would wish for my child than this.

I would strongly recommend Titoki Montessori to anyone and my third child is due to start there in the coming terms.
— Lucy Lee
Taylor and Jake started at Titoki Montessori in 2010 aged 3 ½ years. Our children responded to the warm, friendly and caring environment instantly. They were encouraged to ask questions and learn how to find answers. They love learning not for a reward but because they were truly interested. As the children found things that they were interested in the Montessori staff would use this enthusiasm to apply it across the curriculum. Jake would be encouraged to read or do mathematic based activities outside where he loved to be. Titoki had a major influence on our family. Along with following the Montessori philosophies we often sort extra guidance on the best way to deal with situations involving Taylor and Jake at home. It is testament to the school that we can truly say that many of our family values and attitudes were shaped by what we learnt while Taylor and Jake were at Titoki.

The staff showed a high level of commitment, professionalism and dedication to not only the students and the school but to the families and extended families as well... We are very grateful for the contribution Titoki Montessori has made to our family personally and we unreservedly recommend Titoki Montessori and encourage people to visit to see what we mean.
— Sarah and Adam Bicknell
We cannot praise Titoki Montessori Preschool highly enough. It offers the children a very special mix of dedicated and friendly qualified teachers, the Montessori method, a great location and a superb community of parents...It is a rich environment where individual learning takes place as each child’s interest is developed. Together with literacy, numeracy and other traditional academic lessons, the Montessori method also puts great emphasis on Grace and Courtesy. We parents were asked recently to tell the staff how important we considered Grace and Courtesy to be compared to traditional teachings. We considered it very important – we want our children to respect themselves and one another...Teachers’ anecdotes about Jessica have really impressed us: Simple stories of what she has done or how she has been that day really highlight the love and caring of the teachers.

Thank you, Titoki, teachers and parents, for the teaching, caring and community spirit. Our time with you was too short.
— Tracey and Graham Eales

Titoki is an environment where kids can go and learn how to be their own person. This school enables them to grow at their pace, with their interests - they learn without realizing it....Montessori education at its best - a great start for education and the love of learning.‎
— Sacha and Shelley Belcourt


My daughter could not have had a better pre-school experience. Titoki Montessori pre-school exceeded my expectations and helped develop my child into a caring confident person. A must for all 3 - 6 year olds! ‘Education is a natural process and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiencing the environment’ - Maria Montessori.
— Allan Rutledge