Titoki Tots: an Adult - Child programme

The Titoki Tots adult-child programme is designed to help parents learn more about Montessori principles and how to create an optimum home environment to assist in their child's natural growth and development.

Session times are from 9.30am to 11.30am every Friday school terms only.  Classes are designed for children ranging from 12 months to approximately 30 months of age and is led by a volunteer parent. 

The sessions are held at the back hall of Long Bay Baptist Church, 282 Glenvar Road, Torbay.

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The goal of these classes is to assist families in understanding the development of the young child and how to best respond to their needs. We do this by focusing on the adult and child working together in a Montessori environment, under the direction of a certified Montessori teacher.

The activities offered at our Tots programmes are simple, suited for the needs, interests, and capabilities of very young children. The pace is unhurried and the children are provided the opportunity to be occupied with an activity for a period of time, uninterrupted, while the adult is supported and encouraged to take a step back to quietly observe. 

Just prior to two years of age, children begin making great strides toward independence. They become ready to separate from their parents and benefit from experiences that make this separation positive and enjoyable. The purpose of our Tots programme is to assist the child in this process, with the presence of a familiar and trusted adult.

At this stage your child will be ready to join our toddler community if you wish to continue your family's journey in the Montessori approach to learning.

"Let me start by saying how glad I am for choosing to send Isabella to Titoki Tots rather than continuing with another childcare option when she was 2 ½. We’ve never looked back since. Throughout her time at Titoki Tots and Titoki Casa, I learnt a great deal about the ‘how’ of child development, to the ‘what’ of the Prepared Environment and the importance of adults as role models - thanks to the constant education and endless patience from Tracie and her wonderful staff at Titoki. "
- Samantha Tan