Titoki Montessori School Vision

Our Vision is to create and sustain an exemplary Montessori school which fosters independence, respect, concentration and creativity;
a place where each child can reach their fullest potential.


Titoki Mission Statement

Our mission is to work in the tradition of Dr. Maria Montessori to provide safe learning environments for children, assisting their growth as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society. 

This mission is best accomplished by:

  • Providing a curriculum adhering to rigorous Montessori standards, informed by current thinking and research on child development and learning;
  • Fostering a love of learning;
  • Embracing a diverse student body in which students experience and learn to respect ethnic, cultural, economic and other differences and to seek and identify common ground;
  • Recognising that personal growth involves responsibility toward others and toward the earth; and
  • Facilitating the involvement of parents, teachers, students and larger community.

Titoki Montessori School Objectives

To provide a child-centred environment based on the Montessori Method of Education, to allow children to develop to their fullest potential.

  • To provide an environment which will nurture a love of learning.
  • To employ, whenever possible, only teachers trained in the Montessori Method of education.
  • To raise funds necessary to achieve these aims.
  • To spread the acceptance of child centred education, particularly as originally developed by Maria Montessori.
“Titoki is an environment where kids can go and learn how to be their own person. This school enables them to grow at their pace, with their interests - they learn without realizing it... Montessori education at its best - a great start for education and the love of learning.‎”

— Sacha and Shelley Belcourt