Titoki Montessori School Enrolment Guidelines

An offer of a place for your child is based on several factors, one of which is a successful match of the family's and the school's educational goals for the child.  Siblings of currently qualifying students and children transferring from other Montessori schools are given priority. New applicants are admitted for the remaining spaces, while gender and age balance is maintained within the class.

Titoki is a charitable trust run by parents committed to ensuring that children gain the benefits of the entire Montessori experience. Dr Montessori observed that human development took place over 4 planes of development; with the first 6 years being the formative ones of a child’s life. Children leaving before the end of their 6th year in a Montessori Casa environment are robbed of the precious third year, where they have the opportunity to complete the full cycle of activity with the classroom materials and to be the leaders and role models in the Casa. The third year enables them to reach the apex of their Montessori preschool learning through consolidating and reinforcing their own knowledge as they guide their younger peers.

In continuing the original mission of the founding members to provide an authentic and affordable Montessori 3-6 curriculum, Titoki offers a cost-effective fee structure that requires parents' philosophical and financial commitment to the 3 year programme. This commitment is clearly stated at the time of enrolment and is essential for the programme to continue to thrive and grow.

Expressions of interest in securing a place for your child will require completion of the application form as the first step, followed by an interview, a signed enrolment form and payment of a tuition bond when a place is offered.  The tuition bond will be released at the end of your child's final term in their third year at Titoki.