Titoki Montessori School Council 2017-2018


Titoki Montessori School was established in 1989 and is an Incorporated Society, administered by a Committee of parents with children at the school (known as the Council). The business of the Titoki Montessori Incorporated Society is managed and controlled by the Council, which consists of the following Officers:



 Jaime Stevenson

Vice President

 Myles Arkell


 Natasha Nuttall


 Christine Cechova

General Committee:

 Karin Waechter

 Clare Lee

 Ben Fraser

 John Kim

Head of School - Ex Officio:

  Tracie Phua


The Council meets at the school once per month and all parents are welcome to attend. The election of officers is at the AGM; this is held in either May or June each year. 

A quorum of 15 society members (i.e. parents of Titoki) are required to attend the AGM, therefore attendance of at least one parent is essential.

"Over the three years we had at Titoki, our children developed beautiful, caring, respectful relationships with their teachers and fellow students. The learning that occurred has set them up so well for their future. They are confident, engaged, caring and excited about learning. We always felt very much a part of the the ‘Titoki family’, being involved on the council and attending the many parent information evenings. Titoki will always be a special place in my children’s memories."

— Michelle and Rickie Walker