Admission Process

You are invited to complete an application form and either email or post it to us. We suggest you do this promptly as only a limited number of spaces come available each year. Please note that our receipt of your application is not a guarantee of a place. Our goal as a school is to build a strong community of families who share the same values and goals for their children. To accomplish this, the following application process must be followed for acceptance into our school.

Submit Application

This is the assured way to place your child on our waiting list.

School Tour /Open Day

A school tour can be arranged by appointment in the afternoon with the Head of School or during scheduled Open Days (Adults only, please). Check the welcome page, or the calendar to see when the next one will be.

Classroom Observation

A 30-45 minute observation of a classroom, with children in your child’s age range. (Adults only, please) With consideration of the current children and teachers, this will only be offered once a space is available for your child, and prior to you accepting an offer of a place.

Parent/Child/Teacher Meeting

An opportunity for the parent, teacher and child to meet together and explore the classroom together.

Offer of Admission

Following an interview, if your child is offered a place of enrolment, a signed enrolment agreement must be returned with the tuition bond within two weeks, to secure your child's place in the school.

* Both parents must complete, when applicable.


“Ruby and Rufus were consistently treated at Titoki with great care to preserve their dignity, were interacted with as “real people” with active and able minds and were encouraged to follow their interests as far as the children wished to take them. They were encouraged in lessons in Grace and Courtesy which made a huge difference at home and affected the children in ways that I could tell Montessori children apart from others at shared children’s parties and playdates... I was initially slightly concerned, as most parents are, about keeping the children at Montessori until six. Now almost at the end of the first term of them going directly into Year Two I can confidently say that from day one of starting they were above “expected” level in all areas of the mainstream system and have continued to learn using Montessori techniques which they hold within themselves and from us as parents continuing to instill those techniques. They are streaking ahead in their class, needing extension work to keep them occupied. They are being invited to new friends parties and have carried on their ability to be independent..

In my opinion, Montessori education is a leading education system that produces compassionate, independent thinking and strong children who are passionate about learning and who are not afraid to think outside the square. There is nothing more that I would wish for my child than this.

I would strongly recommend Titoki Montessori to anyone and my third child is due to start there in the coming terms.”

— Lucy Lee